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At Dick's Tire Barn you are dealing with tire professionals. The four employees have an average of almost 12 years of tire experience.  This is a small, family business owned and operated by Joe Green along with his two sons Brett and Ceejay and a family friend Nick. We won’t promise to always have the lowest price (though we often do), but our prices are always competitive with local dealers.


What makes us stand apart is the quality of the work we provide. Every rim we work on is thoroughly cleaned to avoid getting an annoying and possibly dangerous slow leak.

Every time we mount a tire and rim on a vehicle, we use a torque wrench to tighten the lug nuts. This makes sure each lug nut is tightened the same and exactly to factory specifications.


We believe in doing a job the right way, treating customers with respect and giving a fair price. This has allowed us to remain open since 1988 at this location while steadily growing. Our main form of advertisement is word of mouth from satisfied customers.

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1 Horne Homestead Road

Charlton, MA 01507 | 508-248-4811


Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM


Weekdays we stop taking work about 4:00 PM



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Dick's Tire Barn

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